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Sebring Motorcycle Accident Victim Struggling Down Long Road to Recovery

A recent article in Highlands Today highlights one of the least understood aspects of a serious motorcycle accident — the financial costs. The May 11 article focuses on 28-year-old Jason Pearson, who was gravely injured in January after a driver made a U-turn into his motorcycle. The accident broke bones in nearly every part of his body, tore all of the ligaments and tendons in one knee and left a steel plate in one arm. Doctors had to amputate part of his left foot and remove his spleen. Perhaps most heartbreakingly of all, the accident damaged his brain, leaving him with speech problems and sometimes trouble recognizing his family.

Right after the accident, hospital administrators told the Pearson family to consider making funeral arrangements. Luckily, they were wrong — but healing is coming at a very high financial cost. The newspaper said Pearson has had 18 surgeries since he arrived at the Tampa General Hospital trauma center, at a cost of $3 million and rising. His therapy is showing signs of success — he recently began to eat solid food again — but it costs another $1,850 a day. To pay some of those costs, family and friends are holding a benefit breakfast and bike run May 16.

As a motorcyclist and a Pembroke Pines motorcycle accident attorney, I am all too familiar with staggering medical bills like these. Medical care for serious motorcycle accidents like Pearson’s can easily reach into the seven figures, especially if the victim sustained brain damage or severe burns. These costs can quickly exceed the lifetime cap on the victim’s health insurance — if there is any — and no ordinary family can pay these costs out of their own pockets. When another driver is at fault, his or her insurance company should pay at least some of those costs — but when claims are this expensive, insurance companies are willing to fight, even going so far as to blame the victim to keep from paying what they owe.

Sometimes, a Broward County motorcycle crash lawsuit is the only way to force insurance companies to do the right thing. In a lawsuit, motorcycle accident victims can win money not only for their current and future medical bills, but also for other costs of the accident, including repairs to the bike and lost income if the victim cannot work. Just as importantly, it allows victims and their families to claim compensation for their injuries, physical pain and emotional suffering and any disability or wrongful death they suffered.

If you or a loved one has suffered a catastrophic motorcycle accident, my firm, Cohn, Smith & Cohn, can help. My wife and I both ride, so I understand the prejudice and wrong ideas that motorcyclists face — and as a Hollywood motorcycle accident attorney with more than 25 years of experience, I know how to fight it. Our firm offers free, confidential consultations, so you risk nothing by speaking to us about your rights and your case. To set one up, please contact us online as soon as possible or call us at (954) 431-8100.

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