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Police Searching for Driver in Hit-and-Run Accident That Seriously Injured Motorcyclist

The Florida Highway Patrol is looking for the driver of a gold car believed to have caused a serious crash, Tampa Bay Online reported Aug. 10. The crash happened in Manatee County on the afternoon of Aug. 9, on U.S. 301. The FHP accident report said the unknown driver hit another vehicle headed in the same direction, causing a spinout that forced motorcyclist Gary Garrott, 21, into a median. The driver of the car apparently sped north, away from the accident, rather than stop. The FHP is asking anyone with information about a gold car with front-end damage in the region to contact them.

According to the accident report, the gold car was heading north on 301 when it hit a trailer pulled by a pickup truck heading in the same direction, causing a truck driven by Terry Boozer to spin from the right lane into the left lane. That intrusion caused Garrott to swerve away from the truck and into the concrete median, throwing him from his bike. Garrott was hospitalized with unspecified serious injuries and Boozer sustained moderate injuries. Neither was under the influence of alcohol. Law enforcement does not know whether the driver of the gold car was injured.

Leaving the scene of an accident is a crime in Florida and every other state, of course. It also has serious repercussions for accident victims, who are left without any insurance policy to collect from to pay for their injuries. If law enforcement cannot find the driver, victims must rely on any optional uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage they have purchased to cover their injuries. Unfortunately, as a Deerfield Beach auto accident lawyer, I have found that insurers resist making payments on these perfectly legitimate claims. Coverage for hit-and-run drivers is a standard part of UIM insurance, but all too often, insurers claim the driver was not uninsured, the accident was the insured’s own fault or some other flimsy reason to deny coverage. Often, it’s not until the victims hire a Plantation car crash attorney that the insurance company is willing to pay what it owes under its own contract.

At Cohn, Smith & Cohn, we understand insurance company dirty tricks because we’ve been fighting them for more than 25 years. Our North Miami Beach car wreck lawyers have extensive experience negotiating on behalf of seriously injured people and making sure they get the settlements they’re legally entitled to. We have a strong record of recovering full compensation for our clients without a trial, including payment for past and future costs like medical bills as well as compensation for their injuries and any permanent disability or wrongful death. However, if it’s necessary, we are more than happy to prove our clients’ cases in court. Our goal is always to get injured people a settlement that helps get the back on their feet, physically and financially, as much as possible.

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