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Sheriff’s Deputy Injured in Motorcycle Crash With Semi While on Traffic Duty

A Flagler County Sheriff’s Deputy suffered serious injuries when he was hit on his motorcycle by a semi truck, the Orlando Sentinel reported Aug. 5. Deputy Sgt. Michael Van Buren was on his way to respond to a traffic accident on Palm Coast Parkway in Flagler County when the accident occurred. His injuries were not believed to be life-threatening, but were described as serious, including possible broken bones. No injuries to the truck’s driver were reported. The Florida Highway Patrol is investigating the incident.

According to the paper, Van Buren was traveling west on Palm Coast Parkway when the accident happened. The accident report said the tractor-trailer was traveling east, but preparing to turn north onto Interstate 95. The article said Van Buren’s motorcycle hit the big rig, but the accident report did not specify how exactly that happened. As a motorcyclist and a Davie motorcycle crash lawyer, however, I know that a left turn in front of an oncoming motorcycle, violating the motorcyclist’s right of way, is one of the most common motorcycle accident configurations. In many of these accidents, the left-turning driver simply doesn’t see the motorcyclist, or doesn’t see the motorcycle until it’s too late to prevent the accident. In others, the motorcyclist is going too fast for conditions.

As a Tamarac motorcycle crash attorney, I was also interested in this crash because it pitted a ten-ton truck against a motorcycle, which is tiny by comparison. The officer is fortunate that his injuries were not serious — possibly because one or both of the motorists involved were able to think quickly. As a rule, motorcycles are outweighed substantially in accidents with cars and trucks, which is one reason why motorcycle accidents are so much more likely than car crashes to result in wrongful deaths and catastrophic injuries. Motorcyclists are also relatively unprotected, with only gear and helmets — which are optional for most Florida riders — between them and the pavement. In a crash with a large truck, that usually spells death or very serious injuries, such as permanent brain damage.

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