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Drunk Driver Kills Motorcyclist in Miramar While Driving Stepdaughter to School

A motorcyclist from Davie was killed by a driver with a blood-alcohol concentration nearly three times the legal limit, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported Sept. 8. The crash happened at the intersection of Pembroke Road and Island Drive at 7:20 a.m. Tuesday morning. The newspaper said driver Robert Jones of Miramar hit motorcyclist Eric Maron of Davie as Maron tried to move his motorbike in front of the car Jones was driving. A witness said the car rear-ended the motorcycle and dragged it nearly 100 feet before stopping, killing Maron at the scene.

Jones was driving his nine-year-old stepdaughter to school at the time. They appeared to be unhurt, the witness said, though shaken up. After the crash, they got out of the car and began walking down Island Drive; Jones told the witness that he was walking his daughter to school and would come back. Police caught up with them when they were about seven blocks from the accident and administered two Breathalyzer tests. Both tests showed that Jones had a BAC of nearly 0.2 4%, which is three times Florida’s 0.08% legal limit. The results of a blood test are pending, but Jones was still arrested and sent to Broward County jail on multiple charges, including DUI homicide.

As a Hialeah motorcycle accident attorney, I am pleased that the police were able to catch and charge this irresponsible driver. Because fault in this accident seems very clear, having this driver’s identity will be helpful for the victim’s family as they deal with the practical issues and insurance bureaucracy in this terrible situation. Hit-and-run drivers may have insurance, but when they don’t stop and aren’t caught, there’s no way for their victims to collect on that insurance. The result is that victims are victimized a second time by being unfairly stuck with the bills for someone else’s misbehavior, or even blamed for the accident when they try to collect on their own uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance.

In addition to more than 25 years as a Pembroke Pines motorcycle accident lawyer, I am also a motorcyclist myself — so I understand what riders face every day on South Florida roads. Our firm, Cohn, Smith & Cohn, has an active practice representing victims of motorcycle accidents caused by someone else’s carelessness, especially careless or irresponsible driving choices. In many cases, a bad accident takes a wage-earner off the job for weeks or months, depriving the family of income. Meanwhile, hospital bills, repair or replacement vehicle costs and other bills begin to pile up. In a Fort Lauderdale motorcycle accident lawsuit, families struggling with these issues can claim money to pay all these costs and more, as well as compensation for their injuries, losses and pain.

If you or a loved one was hurt in a serious Florida motorcycle crash and you’d like to speak with an experienced attorney about your legal options, Cohn, Smith & Cohn would like to help. To set up a consultation at absolutely no charge, you can reach us at (954) 431-8100 or contact us through our Web site anytime.

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