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Grandmother and Infant Granddaughter Hurt After Older Driver Plows Into Post Office

A headline from Miami caught my eye as an Opa-Locka auto accident attorney. According to the Miami Herald, a 75-year-old woman and her baby granddaughter were injured Nov. 15 after a driver plowed into the Shenandoah Post Office just before 9 a.m. that day. Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt, although the grandmother and baby were taken to the hospital for treatment of cuts and bruises. The child’s grandfather also suffered cuts while leaping over the wreckage to get to his family. The incident was blamed on an unnamed driver, an elderly woman who lost control of her car while leaving the post office. She was not hurt. Customers were trapped inside the post office by the incident, but the office resumed normal business a few hours later.

The unnamed driver was leaving the post office in a champagne-colored Toyota Camry when the accident happened. For reasons the article does not go into, the driver lost control of her car and drove through the parking lot, knocked down a newsstand and plowed into the front doors of the post office. The front of the car struck the woman and the baby, who is nine months old, before hitting a wall and stopping. A spokesman for Miami Fire Rescue said the woman and the baby were lifted up by the car rather than smashed into the wall, causing the baby to fly out of her stroller. Her grandfather was walking with them, but just missed being hit. The article said the driver was hysterical until she was that the baby was not seriously hurt, but otherwise fine. She was checked for injuries at the scene.

No mention was made of an investigation or charges, but as a Miramar car accident lawyer, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find that police are investigating. Driving into a building is most certainly a form of negligence — severe carelessness — that would make the driver legally responsible for causing the crash. Because the driver is described as elderly, some of the investigation will undoubtedly focus on whether she was too confused to drive safely. Because the vehicle was a Toyota, investigators may also look into whether it suffered from the same entrapped gas pedal issues that made the news in 2009 — and are blamed for multiple deaths. Only time and careful investigation will tell. But regardless of whether investigators end up criminally charging the driver, she (or Toyota) could also be held legally responsible for the crash with a civil lawsuit.

At Cohn, Smith & Cohn, we help victims of serious auto accidents pursue legal claims against the people and institutions responsible for harming them. In most cases, that means a claim against a driver who was too drunk, distracted or otherwise careless to drive safely, putting everyone around him or her at risk. More rarely, accidents can be caused by manufacturers of defective cars or parts, or local governments responsible for defective or poorly maintained roads. But no matter what the circumstances, our Dania Beach car crash attorneys can help clients demand justice and fair financial compensation from the people responsible for their injuries. That includes compensation for all of their past and future medical bills, any lost income and other costs, as well as for physical pain, emotional trauma and other serious personal consequences.

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