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Naples Motorcyclist Suffers Brain Injury After Driver Turns Left Into His Path

As a Dania Beach motorcycle accident lawyer, I was disappointed to read about a serious injury to a young man hit while riding his motorcycle. The Naples News reported Nov. 21 on the vigil being held at a hospital by family and friends of John Mowery, age 20. Mowery was northbound last Thursday when a southbound driver turned left in front of him, causing his motorcycle to hit the side of her car. Mowery’s mother, Kelly Mowery, told the newspaper her son had a substantial brain injury as well as other serious injuries. As of the day of the article, he was hospitalized in the surgical intensive care unit at Lee Memorial Hospital. The driver and her passenger both suffered minor injuries, and the driver was cited for failure to yield when turning.

According to the article, Mowery was heading north on Airport-Pulling Road in North Naples at around 4:50 p.m. Nov. 18. As he approached a green traffic light at the intersection with Old Groves Road, a car pulled into his path to make a left turn. That car was driven by Dorothy Pollard, 89, of Naples. Mowery’s motorcycle struck the right side of Pollard’s car, throwing him from the bike. He was wearing a helmet, but still sustained serious injuries and was airlifted to Lee Memorial Hospital. Pollard and her passenger, 76-year-old Helen Lutz, were taken to a different hospital with minor injuries. The article does not say whether police are investigating the accident further. Mowrey’s mother told the newspaper that the family is hoping for a “miracle” in his recovery.

Some may blame the driver’s age for this crash, but as a Cooper City motorcycle crash attorney, I know drivers of any age can cause this kind of accident. Most often, the problem is failure to pay close enough attention to the road to see and react to the motorcycle. Studies have shown that drivers’ failure to see motorcyclists is a leading cause of motorcycle accidents — and they don’t single out any demographic group as culprits. In fact, a left turn in front of oncoming traffic is a classic at-fault situation. That isn’t to say that left turners are always at fault, but unless they have a green arrow, they are always required to check for oncoming traffic before completing their turns. If the police believe they were not as careful as they should have been — which seems to be the case here — they would be assigned much or all of the fault in any criminal or civil case.

I take a personal interest in motorcycle accident cases because it really is personal to me — my wife and I both ride. That’s why I understand what motorcyclists face every day on Florida roads — as a rider as well as a North Miami motorcycle wreck lawyer. Despite what some drivers seem to think, driver errors are a common cause of motorcycle crashes — failure to pay attention, or more rarely, active prejudice against motorcyclists. In fact, some insurance companies will try to exploit anti-motorcycle prejudice to avoid paying what they owe to seriously injured people. After a crash, motorcyclists frequently face very high medical bills, with ongoing costs if they suffered a permanent injury or can no longer do the same job. It’s our job to help these injured riders and their loved ones collect what they are owed from a negligent driver or insurance company, so they can support themselves and get the care they need to recover.

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