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Article on Motorcycle Accident Victim Underscores Financial Troubles Crashes Cause

An article about the financial woes of a Lakeland family caught my eye as a Coral Springs motorcycle accident lawyer, because it explains how physical injuries can lead directly to financial problems. The Dec. 12 article from the Ledger of Lakeland is part of that paper’s Newspaper With a Heart program, which helps local people in financial trouble. It profiles 29-year-old Jeremy Marse, a married father of two who lost his job early in 2010 and later suffered a motorcycle accident that is likely to cost him the job he got to replace it. Because he hadn’t had the job very long, Marse didn’t qualify for unemployment or short-term disability. His family can’t make rent and other basics on his wife’s salary alone, so he got in touch with The Ledger.

Marse, of Lakeland, was laid off from a property surveying job in February. Until his unemployment payments kicked in about four weeks later, the family survived on his wife’s income, food stamps and help from the Salvation Army. Marse was eventually able to land another job in July, as a fabricator for a fence company. But six weeks later, he was in a serious motorcycle accident. He said the motorcycle’s gas mileage made it an economical choice for getting around, but one day, his glove caught on the bike’s throttle. The resulting burst of speed caused an involuntary “wheelie” that dropped Marse backward onto the pavement of U.S. 98. His helmet may have saved his life, but he suffered a broken arm, collarbone, wrist and toe and torn knee ligament that made him unable to work until Dec. 1. He hasn’t been invited back to work and suspects the job is already filled, but hasn’t been able to land anything else yet.

This article is a good explanation of why my work as a Sunrise motorcycle crash attorney can be important. It doesn’t look like someone else was to blame for Marse’s crash, but if someone were, that person would be legally liable for all of the financial results as well as for his injuries, pain and emotional suffering. As you can see from the article, those financial results have added up quickly for him and his family. Even if insurance covered all of the medical costs related to the crash, which is unlikely, the family would still be stretched thin by months of lost income. When these kinds of financial worries are the product of someone else’s negligence, that person can be held responsible for all of them, including past and future medical costs as well as the lost income. In this way, the law not only penalizes wrongdoing but ensures that people don’t suffer financially because of injuries that were no fault of their own.

Cohn, Smith & Cohn has a special expertise in motorcycle accident cases. In addition to decades of experience in Florida motorcycle crash law, we have a personal interest because my wife and I both ride. We understand what Florida motorcyclists are up against every day — distracted drivers, unfriendly road designs and unfair stereotypes of motorcyclists. And as Jupiter motorcycle wreck lawyers, we also understand motorcyclists’ rights under the law. When we take a case, our top priority is making sure our clients recover the money they need to get necessary medical treatment, support themselves and their families and heal. Frequently, that means making sure insurance companies aren’t allowed to blame victims or trick them into accepting less compensation than their cases are worth.

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