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Florida Highway Patrol Looking for Car Believed to Have Caused Motorcycle Crash

As a Golden Glades motorcycle accident attorney, I was disappointed to see that a motorcyclist was seriously injured in a crash apparently caused by an erratic driver. Pavel Prikryl, 23, was hospitalized late on the morning of Jan. 10 after he was thrown from his motorcycle on Interstate 95. Prikryl was hit by another driver making evasive maneuvers after a white Toyota Corolla swerved into his path. No injuries to the driver were reported, but the Corolla sped away without incident. Authorities are looking for the Corolla and its driver now. It is described as an older car, white, with gold rims and driven by a man. Anyone with information is invited to call the Florida Highway Patrol at (954) 837-4012.

The crash took place in the southbound lanes of I-95, at about 10:45 on the morning of Jan. 10. Just south of Griffin Road, the Corolla reportedly changed lanes recklessly or erratically. This forced driver William Perez, 54, to swerve to avoid the Corolla. The evasive maneuvers sent the car driven by Perez into a spin, putting it in the path of Prikryl’s motorcycle. The motorcycle hit the right rear part of the car, and the impact threw Prikryl off his bike and over the interstate’s concrete divider. He landed in the emergency lanes of the northbound side of I-95. He was taken to Hollywood’s Memorial Regional Hospital in serious condition. No charges have yet been filed and an investigation by the FHP is still underway.

I wish the FHP luck with its investigation. As a motorcyclist and a Fort Lauderdale motorcycle crash lawyer, I also wish the victims luck pursuing any insurance claims. As a rule, it’s harder to collect a fair settlement in crashes that were caused by someone whose vehicle was not directly involved in the crash. Insurance companies don’t like paying out money — which of course reduces their profits — so some of them seize on any excuse they can find to avoid paying. In this case, the insurance company for Perez may agree that the Corolla driver is to blame. However, even if that driver is found and has insurance, his insurance company may not agree that its insured is responsible for Prikryl’s injuries — after all, the Corolla never touched the motorcycle. He and his family may need an FHP report — or even to file a motorcycle injury lawsuit — to get fair compensation.

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