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Five Sent to Hospital After Semi Truck Collides With Disney Airport Bus in Orlando

An article on a potentially serious accident caught my eye as a Fort Lauderdale auto accident lawyer. As the Orlando Sentinel reported Feb. 14, a Disney World bus and a tractor-trailer crashed outside Orlando International Airport that morning, sending five people to the hospital. One driver reportedly ran a red light, although the newspaper was not able to say which one. All five of the injured people, including the bus driver, were taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center. Four of the injured were treated for minor injuries and released; a fifth was reportedly more seriously injured. However, the FHP said none of the injuries were life-threatening.

Fifty passengers were on board the Disney’s Magical Express bus that left the airport around 5 a.m. These reportedly included several high school students and parents from California who were in town for a cheerleading competition. As the bus exited northbound S.R. 417, it collided with a southbound tractor-trailer belonging to the U.S. Postal Service. The crash spilled about 150 gallons of diesel fuel from the truck, causing emergency workers to close down the exit and Boggy Creek Road in both directions near S.R. 417 for several hours. Disney sent another bus to pick up the passengers not taken to the hospital. The FHP said the investigation was ongoing.

As a Coral Springs car accident attorney, I’m very interested in who might be at fault for this accident. Truck drivers and bus drivers are both professionals who need special commercial licenses to do their jobs. Whomever ran the red light (if anyone) could get into professional trouble, and they and their employer could also be liable in any lawsuit victims choose to file. All drivers have a legal responsibility to take reasonable care on the road, including obeying traffic signals, and commercial drivers have a professional responsibility as well. Their employers may be implicated, especially if they were lax in their hiring or encouraged unsafe sleepy or distracted driving to save some money. That means any passenger who was seriously hurt may be able to collect compensation for those injuries, medical bills and more.

At Cohn, Smith & Cohn, we represent people who were seriously hurt in Florida car crashes through no fault of their own. That includes visitors who were hurt on trips to Florida as well as residents involved in serious accidents. Serious car crashes can send victims to the hospital for weeks or months, keeping them out of work and racking up high medical bills. In the worst cases, they can leave victims permanently disabled or dead. When this happens because of someone else’s bad driving choices, our Weston auto accident lawyers help victims hold that person legally and financially responsible for the results. In a lawsuit, victims can claim all past and future medical bills, lost income and other costs, as well as compensation for their pain, suffering and injuries.

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