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Motor Cycle Safety – MANDATE

Recently whilst doing research on motor cycle safety for my blog I stumbled upon an article “Mandatory motorcycle safety training in two more states” on the website Clutch and Chrome. It states that motorcycle training has become mandatory for future riders in Connecticut and California before riders can take tests and licenses issued. Following Rhode Island and Florida that require riders to complete a safety course to get their license, this mandate was introduced in 2008.

In Connecticut the law took effect as of January 1st 2011 and was driven by the mother of a 19 year old boy that was killed in a accident when he collided with a minivan, although he was wearing a helmet he had not taken a safety education class. In the article she stated that she believes her son might be alive today if he had take a course for novice riders, which the prior to the mandate of January 1 2011 only applied to motor cycle applicants under the age of 18. The new requirement does not apply to Connecticut riders who already have a motorcycle endorsement or those who are moving from another state with a motorcycle endorsement.

DMV Commissioner states that this new requirement will ensure that all riders have proper training and safety education before acquiring a license to operate a motor cycle; he also went on to say that this law is all about making riders and their passenger’s safety.

The other state that has this similar legislation is California. The state mandate requires residents of California younger than 21 to complete a motor cycle safety course before they will be issued an instruction permit that will allow them to practice riding a motor cycle. The permit must be held for six months before the rider will receive his/her license.

This law also came about from a motorcycle tragedy; according the article three years ago 18 year old Jarred Cole was getting driving lessons from his dad Evan Cole who is an experienced rider in front of their home. He had passed the DMV written exam allowing him to get his learner’s permit. His dad was giving him his first lesson and he stepped into the garage to get some practice cones when he heard the motorcycle engine revving followed by an ominous thud as stated by Clutch and Chrome. Jarred died from a severed artery, doctors stated he could not be save him even if he lived across from the hospital. This tragedy got Jarred’s younger brother and his friend to launch a drive in their High School “Change State Law”.

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