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Bus collision in the news

As usual catching up with the morning news saw this report on the WSVN 7 channel, that I had to write about. This accident occurred in Miami yesterday, a FedEx delivery truck collided with a Miami-Dade Transit bus.

Multiple people suffered injuries after a Miami-Dade Transit bus and FedEx truck collided, Tuesday.

Rescue crews responded to a mass casualty incident, just before 12:30 p.m. Tuesday, in the area of Northwest 17th Street and Seventh Avenue.

According to City of Miami Fire Rescue Lt. Ignatius Carroll, it appeared that the FedEx delivery truck ran a red light and struck the bus. “I was sitting in the back, and I just heard the screech and the slam; people were flying everywhere,” said Daniel Perez, a passenger on the bus. “Some people were lying around me, just make sure they were OK, sit back and there was somebody lying on the floor and said that they wanted to stay there, again just making sure that everyone was OK.”

Fire rescue officials had to check out a total of 25 people on the scene of the accident. Officials said 18 people, including the bus driver, suffered minor injuries and were taken to area hospitals. “On our initial response we had maybe five to maybe 10 people who were complaining of some injuries so that made it a Level 1 mass casualty incident,” said Carroll. “But as we started assessing patients inside the bus, we found that more people were complaining about injuries and that turned into a Level 2.”

At the time of the accident, there were 30 people on board the bus, including a 16-year-old wheelchair-bound passenger who required medical treatment. “The one concern that we did have initially was a 16-year-old little girl who was on the bus, who was wheelchair-bound, not sure what kind of injuries she sustained, but she was transported to an area hospital,” said Carroll.

The injured were transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital, University of Miami’s Doctors Hospital, South Miami Hospital and Mount Sinai Medical Center.

As the article above stated all the injured were transported to the local hospitals for additional care and observation, also there was a passenger on the bus that was already in a wheel chair and I also saw a man on a stretcher with crutches which can only mean he was already injured before this accident. As an experienced Attorney in automobile accidents I would advise these passengers to seek legal counsel, provide them with all the information relevant to their injuries and as much information on the accident. Passengers on the bus should get a copy of the accident report from the police, and lastly and most important copies of all medical bills and pictures of injuries that they sustained should be submitted to their legal counsel.

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