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Tractor trailer collides with car

Every day in South Florida there is an incident that I can write about. Today I saw news coverage on one of our local channels WSVN-7 news, about a car that collided with a semi trailer. Reports state that there were no fatalities, luckily, but that six people needed to be hospitalized for injuries. Up to news time reports were uncertain as to exactly what the cause of the collision was but there was also speculation in the report that the cars may have been racing. See report below.

SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, Fla. (WSVN) — Five people are recovering in the hospital after the car they were riding in collided with a semi-trailer truck.

The incident occurred at about 2:30 a.m. Friday along Coral Way and Southwest 84th Avenue. Police said five people were riding in a Honda Accord when it collided with the big rig.

According to police and a witness, the truck was driving in the far right lane and the Accord in the center lane when the truck driver began moving toward the inner lanes. A witness told police two other cars and the Accord may have been racing. Police said the skid marks stretching to more than 150 feet are a good indication that the driver of the Accord was speeding well above the speed limit. Miami-Dade Police Detective Alvaro Zabaleta said, “When you first make that initial eye contact in the rear view mirror that car is over a football field in length, and then when you finish your action that you are gonna do you have the impact occurring instantly.”

Crystal Hernandez was riding in another car and said she and her friends were heading home from a nightclub when the accident happened. “I basically saw an 18-wheeler make a sharp left turn and my friends hit and then they started spinning,” said Hernandez. “They were actually right next to us but he just turned so quickly,” she said. “We were lucky, we just hit the gas and we made it into a shopping center and everything, but they weren’t so lucky.”
Rescue crews had to extricate one passenger with the Jaws of Life. They transported four of the five passengers to a local trauma center and the fifth to Kendall Regional Hospital.

“I didn’t see pretty things,” said Hernandez. “I mean, I don’t want to get into detail but it was pretty bad. I will not forget this.”

Police said none of the passengers were wearing their seat belt. The driver and the passenger sitting in the center back seat are both in critical condition, officials said.

Manny Saavedra, said his cousin, Ana Posada, is recovering after the accident. “She has a broken bone to her face and she will need plastic surgery, he said. “Everyone else is doing OK so far. There’s a guy with a broken hip, a guy with a broken head. There’s a girl in critical condition and right now they’re operating on her.”

Hazmat responded to the scene after the semi-truck spilled about 100 gallons of diesel onto the road.

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