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Tracking Down Hit-and-Run Drivers

The family and friends of a fatal hit-and-run accident victim received unexpected help in finding the driver of the car after Channel 9, WFTV, discovered surveillance video that shed light on the incident. As reported by the station, Aaron Jones was riding his scooter along Goldenrod Road, near Valencia College Lane, at about 1:20 am, when a car struck him whose driver fled the scene. Mr. Jones died a short time later at Orlando Regional Medical Center.

Florida Highway Patrol had few leads in their investigation until Channel 9’s Racquel Asa informed them that a nearby surveillance camera captured the accident. Now, armed with a description of the vehicle, investigators have been following up on numerous tips. While there is no arrest as of yet, there is a $2,500 reward and a renewed hope that the driver who struck and killed Aaron Jones will be apprehended.

Police and investigators are becoming more adept at using the available technology to locate drivers who flee the scene of an accident.  The prevalence of new technologies such as surveillance cameras, smartphones, informational databases and forensic testing increases the chances of locating hit and run drivers, and holding them responsible for the injuries they cause.

Leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident is a serious criminal offense.  The injured victims of hit and run accidents suffer the additional grief of having to track down the person responsible for their injuries.  The insurance industry also has an interest in locating the offending drivers, as they are often responsible to cover the damages when the driver can’t be identified.

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