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Motorcycle Safety Tips to Avoid Accidents

Elmer Morra is dead following a motorcycle crash in Port Charlotte, Florida in January 2013. Mr. Morra, 82, was a resident of Oakdale, PA. The accident occurred when a driver drove into his path with her car after pulling away from a stop sign. Mr. Morra, an experienced rider and former motorcycle racer, tried to avoid hitting the car, but was unsuccessful. The Florida Highway Patrol announced they were investigating the crash, though charges were not filed immediately. Morra died at the scene.

Most motorcycle accident fatalities occur during encounters with motor vehicles where the driver denies seeing the motorcycle at all. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation suggests that all motorcyclists should follow the following safety tips when riding a motorcycle on the road to increase visibility to other drivers:

  • Practice defensive driving. Make sure that you stay aware of the cars on the road and do not assume that they can see you. When following, ride in view of the driver’s mirror and do not tailgate.
  • Always wear a helmet. A helmet is your best defense against dying in a motorcycle accident. It is your only defense against contact with obstacles including the road. Once a helmet has been in an accident, it should be discarded.
  • Wear appropriate clothing. Pants covering your entire leg and a treated bomber jacket can help you to survive a crash. Bikers favor leather because of its ability to protect skin.
  • Take up a full lane. A motorcycle is a vehicle the same as a car. You should take up a full lane when riding. Do not weave in and out of traffic.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a motorcycle accident here in Florida, it is extremely important that you discuss the matter with an attorney who specializes in motorcycle accidents. Insurance companies often try to claim that the person on the motorcycle was to blame for the accident and so you need someone to fight for you and get you the money you need to recover from an accident.

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