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The Six Most Common Causes of Car Accidents

Carolyn Adams wants justice for her son, Mark. Mark Adams died about a year ago on I-4 after he tried to help a woman he had met earlier that evening. Tiffany Walters claimed that her SUV ran out of gas and she called Adams to help her. She had met Adams in a bar earlier that evening. Soon after Adams arrived to help Walters, Glenn T. Ross, a third driver behind the wheel of a Chevy Tahoe, hit Adams and killed him.

Ross was charged with careless driving after it was revealed that he was fatigued and may have fallen asleep at the wheel. His vehicle veered off the road onto the shoulder, striking Adams. Now, Carolyn Adams says she wants to ensure that Tiffany Waters faces some culpability in the death of her son as well Ross since she had been drinking while driving, too.

Driving while fatigued and drinking while driving represent two of the most common reasons for traffic accidents here in Florida and indeed all over the country. The other common reasons are:

  • Distracted driving. Whether it means texting while driving, rubbernecking to see recent accidents or fiddling with the radio, distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents nationwide.
  • Speeding. There is an old saying: speed kills. The faster you drive, the more likely you are to have an accident.
  • Aggressive drivers. We’ve all seen them — drivers who think they are the king or queen of the road and who weave in and out of traffic, that is, until they cause an accident.
  • Weather problems. Weather problems can wreak havoc with driving conditions, especially on poorly lit roads.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident in Florida, regardless of what caused the accident, you may be entitled to monetary damages as a result. It is well worth your while to speak with a Florida car accident lawyer at Cohn & Smith, P.A. about your case to learn more about your rights under the law.

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