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Red Light – Green Light Motor Vehicle Accidents in Florida

A deadly April car accident on Interstate 95 near Riviera Beach was caused by a 2008 Mercedes that ran a red light.  The Mercedes smashed into a 1994 Lexus killing all five of its occupants which included two young men and three teenage girls.

Florida roads typically become more crowded as summer approaches and many out-of-state visitors flock to the Florida sun. With the increased traffic comes an increase in traffic accidents. One of the more common causes of a motor vehicle accident is a driver who disregards or tries to beat a red light. These types of accidents often lead to serious injuries — and sometimes death.

The negligent driver often denies their light was red and accuses the victim of being at fault. One of the best ways to prove you had the right of way is by witness testimony from the scene of the accident.  With this in mind, it is important to get information about potential witnesses at the scene of the accident or as soon after the accident as possible.

When there is no witness, other investigative tools may be able to show you had the right of way, including analyzing the point of impacts and damages, searching the driver’s history of past accidents and credibility and public and private cameras at the scene of the accident. In these instances it may be important to choose the right personal injury attorney to help you sift through and find the most compelling evidence.

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