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The Importance of Bicycle Safety in Florida

According to the Florida Department of Health there are more children injured while riding a bicycle than using any other consumer product except a car. In 2009 over seven thousand kids were seriously hurt or killed in bicycle accidents in Florida. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, Florida has one of the highest bicyclist fatality rates in the country.

The most common serious injuries in bicycle accidents are head injuries. The Department of Health, Vital Statistics and Agency for Health Care Administration’s hospital discharge data shows that almost a third of bicycle accidents caused traumatic brain injuries (TBI) in kids. More than half of Florida bicycle-related deaths to children ages five to fourteen were the result of traumatic brain injuries. The importance of wearing a helmet is obvious.

In addition to helmets, the frequency of motor vehicle accidents involving bicyclists in Florida makes it imperative that bicyclists use other safety measures as well, such as reflectors at night and following the rules of the road. As the summer approaches even more bicyclists will be sharing the roads with cars, trucks and motorcycles. Children are especially susceptible as the bicycle can often be their primary form of transportation. Children should be instructed as to bicycle safety. Operators of motor vehicles also need to be careful and pay extra attention to their surroundings so bas to be aware of bicyclists that may not always be visible to them until it’s too late.

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