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Water Skiing Accidents

In April 2012 a water skier was hurt when he came into contact with an underwater object while water skiing in the waters behind Royal Palm Beach Blvd. The 20-year-old man had to be flown by helicopter to St. Mary Medical Hospital in West Palm Beach.

Back in June 2010 19-year-old Danny Michalik was killed after suffering head injuries in a water skiing accident at the lake at Miromar Outlet Mall in Estero. Michalik was practicing a stunt with the Southern Extreme Water Ski Show.

These incidents are but two examples of accidents that can occur while water skiing or jet skiing. Florida is a prime destination for water skiing enthusiasts with our extensive coastal waters and lakes. Water skiing accidents like boating accidents can often happen as a result of the carelessness of the boat’s operator such as speeding or failing to keep a safe distance from the coast or other objects. There are also failures to use safety devises such as life jackets or failing to take into account dangerous weather conditions.

Like all recreational activities, accidents can occur when boating, water skiing or jet skiing. An experienced Florida personal injury attorney can help you determine if your injury was the fault of the boat operator, water skiing instructor, Jet Ski manufacturer or another entity.  The Law Offices of Cohn & Smith, P.A provides aggressive and comprehensive legal representation to those injured in all types of boating related accidents.

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