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When Brakes Fail and Accidents Happen

This past September, a four vehicle accident closed the eastbound lanes of State Road 54 at the Suncoast Parkway.  The accident resulted from of a cement truck driving over the concrete median and plowing into two cars and an SUV in the eastbound lanes after its brakes failed.

When faulty brakes are claimed to be responsible for an accident the first determination must be whether the brakes really failed at all. It is not uncommon in a rear-end collision for a driver to claim they tried, but could not stop their car in time. This is a convenient excuse, but to be believed it will have to be supported by other facts such as what the driver said at the scene as reflected in the police report, the existence of skid marks, and an inspection and report by an independent mechanic.

A brake failure will also not absolve the driver of responsibility for an accident when the driver failed to properly maintain their vehicle or should have anticipated the problem. There may also be additional parties who may be found liable such as the car manufacturer, vehicle owner or mechanic who last serviced the vehicle.

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