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Poolside Sun and Fun: Avoiding Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Swimming pools and water parks offer hours of entertainment and relaxation for adults and children alike. During the summer months, pools may be packed with friends, relatives and vacationers. However, the increased volume of bathers may unfortunately contribute to the proliferation of unsafe conditions around pools, as adults are forced to focus on other issues besides keeping the pool area free of hazards such as excess water, toys and refuse. While preventing swimmers from drowning is a critical aspect of pool safety, many forget that a great deal of accidents involve injuries sustained through falls on the pool deck.

Poolside risks

The materials out of which pools and their surrounding areas are constructed can be, by their nature, more susceptible to accidents, as the chlorinated water from the pool may create a perpetually slippery surface on the pool deck. This is exacerbated by the fact that most people are either barefoot or clad only in sandals or slippers, neither of which provides the necessary traction on a slick pool area. Tiled locker rooms and entryways may present additional dangers in the case of public pools and water parks.

Safety measures for pool owners

While common sense goes a long way to achieving pool safety, there are legal requirements with which pool owners must remain compliant. These include not only water quality standards and guard and barrier maintenance requirements, but also the standard negligence rules that require property owners to eliminate dangerous conditions ― such as slippery floors they have or should have knowledge of. This means that a pool owner may be liable for a condition that existed long enough that they should have known about it. It also includes regularly occurring conditions that the pool owner could have foreseen.

How to handle a fall

If you or a loved one has been injured as the result of a poolside fall, seek medical attention immediately and try to pinpoint exactly what caused the accident. If you have reason to believe that the accident was caused by unsafe pool conditions, you may need the assistance of competent legal professionals in addition to quality medical care.

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