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Seminole Standout Survives Serious Slam on Cycle

As the starting tight end on Florida State University’s Division I football team, Nick O’Leary is used to getting his bell rung once in a while. While he usually experiences this on the field at the hands of his opponents, he took a particularly hard hit recently on the streets of Tallahassee when the motorcycle he was riding collided with a car. The crash occurred when O’Leary tried to outmaneuver the car, which he eventually struck, sending him sailing through the air like a running back diving over the defensive line to score a touchdown. Instead of landing in the end zone to the cheers of adoring fans, O’Leary found himself scraping the pavement and a nearby van, but miraculously limping away with only minor bruises and scrapes.

While the accident was caught on video and quickly went viral on the Internet, O’Leary’s mother was only recently capable of sitting through the agonizing footage. She noted that only after seeing her son fly through the air and parts of his bike crashing through the windshield of a city bus, did she fully appreciate that he escaped from the accident relatively unscathed.

Over the handlebars

While O’Leary’s crash traumatized him and his family, motorcycle accidents involving riders going over their handlebars are not uncommon. When cars cut off motorcycles, forcing them to swerve and stop short, riders are frequently thrown from their bikes. Defensive driving on the part of motorcycle riders can help minimize this risk, but the fact of the matter remains that automobile drivers often simply do not see motorcycles. Sadly, most riders are not as fortunate as O’Leary, who literally walked away from his accident.

Paralyzed but still riding

Unlike O’Leary, who has gone on the record with his commitment not to get back in the saddle of his motorcycle, riders in Portland, Oregon, who have suffered fates much worse in their accidents, still continue to ride. The motorcycle accident of one rider, Jemal Mfundshi, left him a quadriplegic with limited use of his hands and arms. This hasn’t stopped him from continuing to enjoy the sport he loves. In fact, Mfundshi and another rider worked diligently to modify their motorcycles so that they can continue to ride them in their paralyzed condition, providing inspiration to riders of all types.

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