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Drivers Flee in Deadly Crashes

Florida recently bore witness to two deadly late-night crashes, both of which ended with the drivers fleeing the scene. Whether suffering from shock or fearing the legal consequences of their actions, these drivers erroneously believed their prospects would improve by deserting the scenes of their crimes. While many hit-and-run drivers are eventually tracked down and held liable, these accidents still frequently leave victims’ loved ones to grieve without answers for extended periods of time.

Mysterious red Ferrari

In addition to leaving a flashy red Ferrari mangled in a heap of twisted metal, one accident left a victim’s loved one grieving for his partner of 40 years. While the crash occurred on a Saturday night, the owner of the red Ferrari remained at large for days afterward and refused to speak to the police, leaving the identity of the driver of this vehicle at the time of the crash a mystery. Law enforcement officials, desperate to begin their investigation, pleaded with the driver to come forward, in spite of his attempt to invoke his right to remain silent.

Campus crash

In another recent accident, a stolen 2013 Lincoln sedan spun out of control on the campus of Liberty City’s Miami Dade College, colliding with a building. The crash left one dead and three others severely injured. The driver initially fled, but later emerged at Jackson Memorial Hospital to seek treatment for his injuries. The impact was so intense that the car reportedly caught fire immediately and had to be extinguished by responders to the accident.

Legal implications

While drivers who leave the scene of an accident have committed a crime, their decision may not only create immediate problems for accident victims, but it may also reflect the uphill battle they may face down the road when they try to recover for the damages they have sustained. Among the reasons drivers flee is their lack of insurance and assets, both of which represent obstacles for victims.

Consequently, it’s crucial that victims of hit-and-runs retain accident attorneys who can develop effective strategies to recover damages and enforce their clients’ rights. Contact our office or call us at (954)-213-6914 today for a consultation.

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