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Improving Motorcycle Safety: The Power Is in Your Hands

Experts agree that one of the best ways to stay safe on your motorcycle is to ride defensively and assume that drivers generally cannot see you coming. By avoiding aggressive driving and resisting the temptation of pushing bikes to the limit on crowded roads, motorcycle riders can significantly reduce their exposure to accidents. In addition to modifying the way bikers ride, a number of other safety measures can be taken to minimize damage in the event of a collision. While most people think only of having quality DOT-certified helmets, which are indispensable in any accident, there are a wide variety of other precautions riders can and should take.

Protective clothing: armor from the asphalt

Scary as it might sound, every exposed part of a rider’s body is at risk for scraping against the pavement when accidents occur, an experience that has been likened to leaning against a belt sander. The best way to avoid the painful aftermath of road rash is to invest in protective clothing, including a durable jacket capable of withstanding the type of abrasions that a motorcycle accident can cause. In addition to a quality torso covering of leather, Kevlar or ballistic nylon, eye protection, gloves and boots are also critical since a rider’s extremities are at high risk for injury in any motorcycle crash. Neglecting these simple items can have disastrous consequences on the road.

Technological advances

In addition to protecting their bodies, riders can also take advantage of certain technologies to improve their safety. For example, intelligent lights represent a major improvement on standard headlamps and provide riders with significantly enhanced views. These adaptive headlights tilt with the motorcycle in accordance with the bike’s lean angle. Improved brake lights are also being developed, which alert drivers when a motorcycle slows down, regardless of whether the brakes have actually been applied.

Another major advance in motorcycle safety is the increased availability and affordability of antilock braking systems (ABSs), including a new smaller and lighter Bosch-designed system specifically intended for various sizes of motorcycles. With research indicating that ABSs can reduce fatalities in motorcycle collisions by as much as 31 percent, the European Union (EU) has mandated the use of ABSs on new motorcycles over 125cc as of 2016. Sources indicate that the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is lobbying the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the United States to follow the EU’s regulatory lead.

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