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Motorcycle Safety Tips for Group Rides

Every year, thousands of bikers from across the country flock to Florida for Daytona Beach Bike Week. Sadly, along with the influx of motorcycles comes an increased safety risk. That’s especially true for motorcyclists participating in group rides. During the 2013 Daytona Beach Bike Week, one man from a pair of Connecticut riders was killed in a crash on U.S. 1.

If you’re a motorcyclist heading out on a group ride, follow these safety tips:

  • Get organized beforehand. Whether your group ride is large or small, prep every rider with details of the route beforehand. Consider handing out cellphone numbers and maps.
  • Experienced riders go first. When arranging the rider formation, place the experienced riders in the front. The experienced riders should keep a pace that is reasonable for the inexperienced riders to follow.
  • Line up when needed. Form a single-file line when necessary for rider safety. This includes the following situations:
    • Sharp turns
    • Decreased visibility
    • Highway entrances or exits
    • Toll booths
  • Respect your limits. Riders need to know their limits. If the group is riding at a speed that is out of your comfort zone, slow down to a safer speed. Don’t give in to peer pressure on the road, as it can have a tragic outcome.

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