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Car Accident Victims Are Often Pedestrians

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Car accident victims are not always other drivers; they are often pedestrians. And although those pedestrians who are injured in car accidents are often crossing a road at a crosswalk, the recent tragedy on April 9, 2014, in Florida at the childcare center known as Kinder Care reminds everyone that accidents in which drivers are at fault can happen anywhere.


The Tragedy in Florida

The tragic death of one child and injuries to 14 others occurred when a SUV forced another vehicle to drive off the road and into the Kinder Care childcare facility. The SUV, which, allegedly, was driven by Robert Corchado, rear-ended a Toyota Solara, sending it into the daycare center. The police issued an arrest warrant for Corchado, who fled the scene.

Although such accidents are rare, when they do occur they remind us of exactly how serious an activity driving a car is and the responsibility that is involved in doing so. Any type of negligent activity, such as texting, driving while intoxicated, and operating a motor vehicle aggressively, as well as other types of behaviors, can endanger not only the driver, but, also, anyone in their vicinity.


Serious about Safety

It’s important that drivers be serious about the road, which means always being diligent and attentive to all that is developing around them. Common courtesy helps keep tempers in check and observing all rules of the road gives everyone the best chance of navigating safely while keeping pedestrians safe.

If you have been in a car accident where you were a pedestrian, it’s important to protect your rights. Drivers have a responsibility to pedestrians and that means operating their motor vehicles in a safe and lawful manner.

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What to Do if Struck By a Car

The recent accident that involved the children and staff at Kinder Care in Orlando, Florida, seems to be an extreme case of driver negligence. Liability issues regarding this car accident are numerous. Often, confusion reigns when an accident occurs, especially when injuries are serious and/or life threatening.

If you have been the victim of a car accident, it is important that your injuries as well as the scene be documented. Although law enforcement authorities will do much of this, you may, if you have a civil suit, need to pursue witnesses who can offer testimony on your behalf.

Working with a personal injury attorney who understands what is needed in order to prepare your civil suit is important. A knowledgeable and experienced attorney who has represented car accident victims successfully will know what steps to take to ensure that you have the best chance of receiving the compensation that you deserve. A lawyer becomes especially important if your injuries supersede limits as set forth under Florida’s no-fault insurance regulations and PIP laws.


Pedestrian Diligence

There is nothing that the staff and children at Kinder Care could have done to prevent that car accident that killed one child and injured more than a dozen others. However, if you are a pedestrian walking down the street or making their way across a legal crosswalk, care and practicality will help protect you from harm.

Always be attentive to traffic and developing conditions when walking down the street. When crossing the street check for oncoming traffic, even if you do have the right of way. Although you may be in the right if you are in a car accident, the fact is the best result is always to remain injury-free. You cannot control a negligent driver but, in some circumstances, you may be able to avoid them.

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