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15-Year Old Causes Four Crashes After Taking His Dad’s Car

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On June 12, a fifteen-year-old boy crashed a car into four different cars across the area after taking it from his father. The last crash with another car occurred in Manatee County at 9 AM. Shortly after the accident a sheriff’s deputy arrived on the scene. While the deputy was checking on the involved drivers to determine if anyone was injured, the boy apparently fled in his vehicle.

Once the boy started to flee the scene, the deputy got back into his car and gave chase. The deputy pursued him until the 5100 block of 14th Street East, where the young boy crashed the car into a power pole.

The young suspect was transported to the hospital, but did not suffer life-threatening injuries. The teenage driver caused at least one personal injury to another driver in the Fort Lauderdale metro area.

Three Prior Crashes The Same Day

Before the crash at 9 AM where the suspect fled the scene of the accident while the deputy as investigating, the boy was apparently involved in three earlier accidents that same day using the car that he had taken from his father without permission.

The boy apparently caused two accidents in Bradenton. A third accident injured a 38-year-old driver who had to be transported to the hospital.

Deputies have states that there are charges pending against the boy.

Driving With Only a Learner’s Permit?

Since the boy was 15-years-old, it is likely that he only was holding a learner’s permit, if anything. Under Florida law, if the boy did even have a learner’s permit, he violated the law by driving without a licensed driver seated next to him.

Based on the repeated accidents in which the boy was involved, it is quite understandable why the Florida legislature enacted the existing rules about young drivers. Requiring young and inexperienced drivers to drive with a licensed driver at all times is beneficial for ensuring the safety of other drivers, as well as the safety of the new driver. Also, by having an older driver in the car, there may be less of a temptation to drive recklessly as a result of peer pressure from other young people.

In Florida, a learner’s permit must be possessed for 12 months for learners between the ages of 15 and 17. This year of time is designed to give young drivers the opportunity to learn enough about driving and become comfortable driving. Only after having a learner’s permit for a year can a teenager then sit for the actual driver’s license exam from the DMV. If the student passes the written and behind-the-wheel portions, then the student may obtain a full driver’s license.

All of these steps involving practice and tests are designed to ensure that young drivers obtain enough supervised driving experience to drive safely, before being allowed to drive without adult supervision.

Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Attorney

Of course, young and inexperienced drivers are not the only drivers that can cause personal injury. Distracted drivers, drunk drivers, or simply reckless drivers can all cause harm.

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