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Florida Car Accidents and Questions About Guardrail Safety

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A whistleblower lawsuit by Joshua Harman and other lawsuits that have requested records from various states, including Florida, regarding ET-Plus guardrails made by Trinity Highway may cause Florida drivers to reconsider the dangers of guardrails that are designed to protect them. It’s being alleged by Harman that the ET-Plus guardrail, which is used widely in many states, including Florida, is a dangerous product that upon impact transforms from being a protective agent to a large, penetrating shiv.

Road Hazards and Responsibility

The case against Trinity Highway, and its Dallas-based owner, Trinity Industries Inc., alleges that the company made changes to its guardrail design between 2002 and 2005, and that those alterations, which were done without informing federal authorities, are responsible for the safety device being turned into a hazard for drivers whose cars come in contact with them.

If that is true, then Trinity Highway could be, according to sources, including Harman, responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation. It’s said that Harman’s lawsuit is connected to a possible award of $1 billion.

The case serves as a good example of the responsibilities that guardrail manufactures, and others who make roadway safety devices, have to the public good. Sometimes other drivers are at fault when it comes to injuries sustained in car accidents, and other times it may be those who are supposed to be protecting drivers from such injuries.

Other Investigations and Suits

In the matter of Trinity Highway, a coalition of state highway officials is considering the performance of several different models of guardrails made by various manufacturers. Such investigations are motivated partly due to the complaints about the ET-Plus. Nevada stopped installing ET-Plus terminals in January, pending performance testing of the modified version. In May, Safety Research & Strategies Inc., which is a product- safety advocacy organization, filed separate suits against Trinity Highway.

Have You Been Injured?

If you have been injured by in a traffic accident in which a guardrail may have malfunction, it’s important to contact a personal injury lawyer who has a record of success in winning car accident settlements. In car accidents, there can be a range of causes and various entities may be responsible depending upon the circumstances.

Single car accidents during which safety equipment malfunctions due to manufacturing issuing or installation or maintenance problems require extensive investigative efforts, as well as expert testimony.

Contact Car Accident Lawyer with Questions

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