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Florida Car Accidents Not Always Fault of a Driver

Florida Car Accident

Personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits claiming negligence are not always focused on other drivers. Recent wrongful death lawsuits filed by Brunswick families in a deadly Columbia Township crash that killed three teens about two years ago serve as a clear example of this fact. In the accident, four teens were killed and another was injured. The suit, which was recently filed in in Lorain County Common Pleas Court for wrongful death, survivorship, statutory negligence, railroad negligence, and punitive damages, names numerous defendants.

The Car Accident

The accident, which happened on June 3, 2012, occurred when the driver of the car, Jeff Chaya, who was also killed, went over railroad tracks. Those tracks, the railroad crossing, and the road, according to the lawsuit, were not properly inspected, maintained, repaired, or upgraded. When the car in which the teens were riding went over the crossing it became airborne and flipped, landing upside down in a culvert.

Negligence Not Just Driver Related

As is alleged in the lawsuit filed by the surviving families of the three teen passengers killed, there are various entities who the families claim were negligent, including CSX Transportation Inc., of Florida; Medina County Board of Commissioners; Medina County Engineer; Columbia Township trustees; Lorain County commissioners; Lorain County Engineer; and Liverpool Township trustees; as well as others.

The lawsuit claims that “…the Defendants acted willingly and/or wantonly and/or recklessly by engaging in conduct that exhibited a conscious disregard for the rights and safety of the traveling public and specifically decedents, with a substantial probability of causing serious harm….” In their wrongful death suits, each family families is asking for $200,000.

Complexities of Accident Cases

As it is with the lawsuit outlined above, car accident cases involving the negligence of many entities can be very difficult to litigate. Without the aid of an experienced, knowledgeable, and successful personal injury attorney, it would be exceptionally difficult for someone to file such a suit on their own. The car accident lawsuit involves numerous parties who are thought to be responsible for the road, railroad crossing, and train tracks. Thus, numerous defendants had to be named. In exactly what manner each is negligent will be a major factor in determining guilt and culpability in the case.

Experience Counts

In such car accidents, experience is important when it comes to choosing those who will represent your best interests when bringing a civil lawsuit to court. The Law Offices of Cohn & Smith, P.A., in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, offer those who have lost loved ones in car accidents a track record for success in pursuing wrongful death lawsuits.

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