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Reckless Driver in Coral Gables Crashes into Fountain

Reckless Driver in Coral Gables Crashes into Fountain

Early on June 1, 2014, a driver in Coral Gables parked his car improperly, garnering him attention in the media. More more specifically he drove over an embankment and into a large fountain.  The driver, who fled the scene of the accident when it occurred at about 2 a.m., hit a curb in his Nissan Pathfinder with such force that the SUV was launched into the air and landed into the fountain at the entrance of the Village of Merrick Park in Coral Gables.  Residents throughout south Florida, including Fort Lauderdale, should be aware of the danger of reckless drivers, and be aware of the civil protections victims have if injured.

Damage to the Fountain

Thankfully there were no injuries to any bystanders due to the reckless driving of the SUV.  However, the operations supervisor at the shopping center said that the center has suffered well over $100,000 in damage to the fountain at the entrance of the mall.  The center featured a beautiful entrance fountain which, according to the operations supervisor, was made out of custom-made tiles imported from Spain.  The mall had to bring in a crane to pull out the SUV from the fountain.  The SUV was not able to be removed until mid-morning June 1, giving early morning shoppers a head-turning surprise in what they likely thought would be a regular visit to the shopping center.

Driver is Missing

As noted above, the driver of the Pathfinder left the scene by the time the police arrived early on June 1.  When the police arrived they noticed several open Heineken bottles in the passenger area.  The fact that the police found open beer bottles in the vehicle makes it appear that the drive may have been driving while intoxicated.

Given that the driver may have been drinking, it may be fortunate that there was only property damage, instead of injuries to people.

If there were in fact personal injuries, then the driver would likely be facing both criminal and civil charges for the damages he caused.

DUI Drivers as Causes for Personal Injuries

Sadly, DUI drivers are all too often the cause of severe personal injuries in Fort Lauderdale and other places throughout the U.S.  While intoxicated drivers may face criminal charges for drunk driving or other traffic infractions such as reckless driving, the intoxicated drivers may also be civilly liable to the individuals whom they injure or for the property that they damage.

Victims of drunk drivers may be other drivers, pedestrians, or even bystanders in street-facing homes and businesses.  Individuals who are victims of drunk drivers may suffer any number of injuries.  These injuries can include everything from broken bones, whiplash, as well as very serious and permanent injuries that may leave the victim disabled for life.

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