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“Fun” Products That Have Caused Personal Injury

Hurt by Fondue Personal Injury Fort Lauderdale

There are many consumer products that have been recalled for repairs or have simply been taken off of the market due to personal injury to individuals in Fort Lauderdale and elsewhere. If you have receive an injury due to any product call our personal injury attorneys.


Toys That Have Injured Children


Many of these toys have inadvertently injured children.  Due to the number or severity of these injuries, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, a Federal agency tasked with ensuring that consumer products are safe, has recalled or banned the sale of numerous products over the years.  Additionally, the CPSC has required manufacturers to update their products to add additional safety features or warning labels to the products.


Infamous Lawn Darts


A popular family game in the 1980s was lawn darts.  However, as you can imagine, darts can easily cause injury since they are essentially metal-tipped arrows.  Following a rash of injuries, mostly to children who were often hit in the head with the darts, the CPSC banned future sales of the game in 1988.




Buckeyballs are little silver magnetic balls that are often desktop toys in many offices, and can be shaped into different shapes to create fun art.  However, for unsuspecting children, the balls can be highly dangerous.  If one swallows two or more, the balls will likely pull together during digestion and cause a blockage in the intestines.  They then will likely have to be removed by surgery.  A nationwide ban is set to go into effect soon.


Fondue Pots


A party favorite, fondue pots from various manufacturers have been subject to bans or recalls for safety issues.  Whether the cause of the issue is from a design defect or a manufacturing defect, some pots would tip over if handled in a certain way or leak, causing burns to users and damage to furniture and flooring.

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Sometimes even trying to take a nap is dangerous.  Hammocks from numerous makers have had design defects (as in the design itself is bad, so even if put together correctly, the product is likely to cause injury) or manufacturing defects (meaning that the product was simply made wrong and as a result is dangerous).  Also, there is the risk that some simply lacked an appropriate warning (such as warning that children under a certain age should be monitored while using it).  Some hammocks in recent years have had defective bases that collapse, poorly woven nets that snap when used, or bolts that simply give out because they are too weak.  In any event, defects of some sort or another have led to numerous painful ends to naps across the country.


For Further Questions on Defective Product or Negligence Injuries, Call a Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Attorney


If someone has caused you or a loved one to be injured through their own negligence, or you have suffered injury due to a defective consumer product, you should consider speaking with an attorney to advise you.  To help answer your questions on personal injury claims in the Fort Lauderdale area, contact the Law Office of Cohn & Smith, P.A.

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