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How to Prevent a Dog Bite

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Why Dogs Bite and What to Avoid

They don’t call a dog a man’s best friend for nothing. Dogs are great companions and wonderful partners in crime. Unfortunately, dog bites happen more often than not, and some can even lead to serious infections or diseases, particularly if a dog is unhealthy.

While sometimes a dog’s behavior can become unpredictable, it’s important to do whatever is necessary to ensure your dog does not bite another person or is not put in a situation to do so. Though it can be a spontaneous reaction, a dog’s bite is usually never unwarranted.

However, there are ways to avoid a dog bite and taking steps to prevent this violent attack from occurring can keep you and your dog happy.

Body Language

Sometimes we forget that our loving pets cannot respond to us – or even talk for that matter. Since our canine friends are unable to speak, the way they often communicate is through body language. Their body language can express urgent messages, so paying attention to them is the key to preventing a dog bite.

If you pay attention to what their bodies are saying, you can see when they are feeling uncomfortable, stressed out or upset. Some of the signs a dog may be getting close to biting include:

  • Tense bodies
  • Growling
  • Stiff tails and fur
  • Long and intense staring and overall aggressive demeanor

Appropriate Housing

Giving your dog or pet proper housing can also prevent dog bites from occurring. If you own a dog, it may be a wise investment to build a fence or a kennel in the backyard. A fence can allow the dog to run and play freely without running the risk of the dog wandering into the street and feeling threatened. A kennel can give the dog a place to lay outside in the shade if you’re away from home for the day or an extended period of time.

Be a Responsible Owner

Unfortunately, since dogs cannot talk their way out of a confrontation, a dog bite can only be prevented by being a responsible owner. Since it is a dog’s natural response to a situation, you must take steps to ensure your dog does not bite another person or child. It may seem easiest to lock your dog in the house and the backyard to prevent any violent attacks, but being cooped up inside is unhealthy for a dog. Dogs require a lot of social interaction with people, dogs, and their environments.

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Educate Your Family

Doing the best you can to educate your family about the importance of taking care of the family pet as well as teaching them the warning signs of a dog that may be about to bite is one way to prevent dog bites on your family, other people and children, and to keep your family and others protected, and even keep your pet happy and healthy.

Contacting Fort Lauderdale Dog Bite Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been bitten by a dog or any other animal, please contact Fort Lauderdale dog Bite Lawyer at Cohn & Smith today at (954) 687 – 0503 for a free consultation and case evaluation, or visit our online contact form and a member of our professional team will respond to your query within twenty-four hours. We are here to help, and provide legal advice and assistance and to ensure that a settlement is granted in the event of a dangerous dog bite or attack.

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