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The Different Types of Car Accident Injuries

Car Accident Injuries

The different types of car accident injuries include traumatic brain injuries, closed head injuries and face and jaw injuries, as well as psychological injuries and injuries to the back, spinal cord and neck. Unfortunately, car accidents potentially leave no part of the body spared depending on the severity of the crash. These injuries can result in lifelong pain and suffering, lost wages and other untold hardships. Read about the types of potential injuries car accidents can inflict below and then contact the Law Offices of Cohn and Smith for a consultation about your accident today. Our team of

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While physical injuries are most commonly associated with car accidents, the psychological injuries can take an even greater toll on an accident victim. These types of injuries occur most commonly when a loved one or friend is lost as a result of an accident. How psychological injuries manifest themselves depend on the person; short-term or long-term issues may result, such as after effects like PTSD and emotional distress.

Face & Jaw

Injuries to the face and jaw can result after contact with shattered glass, car seats, a windshield, airbags, the dashboard or the steering wheel. Cosmetic and dental surgery required to restore your face or jaw easily costs thousands of dollars and you deserve a defense that holds those responsible for these costs. This is why you need the consultation of our Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyers today.

Back, Spinal Cord & Neck Injuries

These injuries range from moderate to severe. Moderate cases include whiplash, while severe cases include disc injuries that need surgery and rehabilitation or cervical radiculopathy. Fully recovering from these injuries is very difficult and takes a long amount of time. Damage to the back, spinal cord and neck does not necessarily present itself at the time of the accident, either. It can take a while for these injuries to become apparent, leading to a risk that they are worsened in the intervening period.

Closed Head & Traumatic Brain Injuries

These are some of the most prevalent car accident injuries and unfortunately some of the worst as far as the fallout of their ramifications. The scope of these injuries ranges from brain problems that influence your day-to-day life and your ability to care for yourself and work, to mild concussions you can overcome in a relatively short amount of time. When these injuries occur it can easily seem like nothing is wrong, leading to a greater chance for further complications as a result of problems like internal bleeding.

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The physical and mental injuries you have suffered are not the end of your potential pain. Rehabilitation and medical bills come with their own mounting pressure, and if you are unable to work your entire household can be at risk. Please contact the law offices of Cohn and Smith now.

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