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Car Crashes Through Daycare Center in Florida

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Lily QuintusA car careening through a daycare center is likely the definition of a worst nightmare for any parent or guardian. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened at the Kindercare Learning Center located outside of Orlando, Florida. The life of 4-year-old Lily Quintus was tragically stolen and the lives of fourteen others were impacted.

The crash report indicated that the driver was first rear-ended just outside the daycare center, after which he, instead of braking, accelerated at a high rate of speed into the daycare center. One moment, children were happily enjoying snack time, and the next they were embroiled in chaos. Lives significantly changed in only 4.2 seconds.

The Florida Highway Patrol does consider someone at fault, but not the driver who slammed through the daycare center and into tables of children, inevitably the guilty party in their eyes is the man who hit them: Robert Corchado.

For fleeing the scene, Corchado is a hit-and-run suspect, and for possession of heroin, cocaine, and marijuana in his Dodge Durango, he faces a litany of drug charges. All of this criminal activity adds up to a rather high bond of $301,000. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, if Corchado had not hit the car of 61-year-old Arthur Campbell, the chain of events that led to the tragic accident would have never occurred.

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Charges For the Suspect

Car CrashesCharges against Corchado include possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of cannabis, possession of cocaine with intent to sell, and heroin trafficking. Due to the amounts of drugs on hand, as well as the possession of $5,000 cash, Corchado incurred selling charges. According to the judge, if Corchado posts bond, then he must prove the money is not sourced from illegal activities.

Furthermore, this case also appears to be linked to another case, which is still pending. In December 2013, an investigator found $6,000 in cash and the same drugs in question stuffed in a backpack in the car of Corchado in Seminole County.

Jailhouse Video

A jailhouse video was released depicting the suspect, Mr. Corchado, discussing his current situation with his mother. In the video, Corchado called the incident a “nightmare”. His mother explained how she believed he was innocent and in particular that everyone was seeing the alleged crime in the wrong light, including her son’s legal representation, the media, and local law enforcement. She also detailed how she disliked discussing the incident because it upset her son. She was also bothered that the Dodge Durango Corchado was driving belonged to her and she wanted it returned from evidence currently possessed by the police.

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