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Distinguished Florida Firefighter Killed By Car While Changing Tire

Changing Tire

Florida FirefighterFirefighters are brave members of society that often endanger their lives to help protect others. Not many people can claim this level of selflessness in their lives, but Lt. Kevin Johns was one of them. Tragically, Johns died not while on duty, but while simply changing a tire on the side of the road.

Road safety is a serious concept that many overlook; stopped on the side of the road, we check our cars without worrying too much about those speeding by. But in an instant, collisions can easily occur.

Driver at Fault

Florida Firefighter Killed By Car While Changing TireLorenza Simmons was the driver who hit Lt. Johns. Johns got a flat tire on the way to work and stopped alongside the road to fix it. While he was doing so, Simmons plowed into him in an effort to avoid the car in front of her. It is not yet conclusive if she was determined at fault, but it was confirmed that she does have numerous traffic violations on her record.

Simmons frantically called immediately for help from 911, but to no avail. Lt. Johns was pronounced dead on the way to the hospital. Distracted driving is currently the possible cause of the accident although this has not yet officially been determined.

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Honor Paid at Fort Lauderdale Fire Expo

Lt. Johns worked with the Fort Lauderdale Fire and Rescue team for twenty-nine years with the intent of retiring in April 2015. Johns is survived by his wife and three children, and a host of friends and coworkers who considered him not only a great firefighter, but also a friend.

The honors paid regarding the life of Lt. Johns were not limited to a roadside event. The Fort Lauderdale Fire Expo paid their respects to the fallen hero as well, with the family of Lt. Johns seated in the first row at the expo. A video played during the event showing images of Lt. Johns with his family and fellow firefighters. A chaplain recited a prayer focusing on protection from line-of-duty firefighters everywhere, as well as peace for Johns’ family.

This year’s expo’s events were dedicated to Johns, particularly due to his dedication to meticulously planning the expo each year. Training was his main focus.

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The tragic loss of Lt. Johns was particularly devastating to his community in Florida because he did so much to help so many over nearly three decades. Unfortunately, traffic accidents that produce fatalities are all too common. The grieving process is vital, and justice can be a formidable component of that process.

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