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Settlement Reached in Tragic 2015 Truck Accident that Claimed Five Lives

Earlier last month, four of the five families who lost loved ones in a truck accident entered into and accepted settlement negotiations with the employer of the truck driver who was determined to be at fault in the accident. According to a local news source covering the tragic accident and subsequent settlement, three of the four settlement amounts are still confidential. However, it was released that one family was provided $14 million for the loss of their loved one.

Semi TrucksSettlement Negotiations in Truck Accident Cases

It is commonly asked why so many personal injury cases end up as settlements. While there are several reasons for this, and many are based on the personal preferences of the specific parties involved, certainty is one of the main motivating factors. Even a seemingly rock-solid case can lose its strength if certain evidence is discovered or if an unfavorable pre-trial ruling is made. In these cases, it may behoove a plaintiff to accept a guaranteed sum of money rather than take the case to trial and potentially end up with nothing.

The Facts of the Case

Evidently, back in April of last year, five nursing students were traveling to work on Interstate 16. The students were split up into two cars, and they had come to a stop in a traffic jam that was caused by an unrelated accident. While the two vehicles were in stop-and-go traffic, a truck came up from behind traveling at a high rate of speed. The truck slammed into the rear of one of the vehicles carrying several students. That vehicle then crashed into the other vehicle carrying the remaining students.

During the pre-trial discovery process, it was discovered that the driver of the truck had previously been fired for falling asleep at the wheel while driving. When asked in a post-accident interview about what had occurred, the driver denied falling asleep but admitted that the accident was his fault.

The case was scheduled to go to trial just a few days from the anniversary of the tragic accident, but with the news that four of the five families involved have accepted a settlement offer, it is unlikely a trial will be had. According to the news report, negotiations between the fifth family and the trucking company are still underway.

Have You Been Injured in a Florida Truck Accident?

If you or a loved one has recently been injured in a Florida motor vehicle accident, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. The assistance of a skilled personal injury attorney is invaluable in these cases. An attorney can create as strong a case as possible and can approach the opposing party to seek a settlement offer if that is your desire. Alternatively, a knowledgeable and dedicated attorney will be able to help you through the trial process, answering any questions that may arise along the way. To learn more about your options, call the Law Offices of Cohn & Smith at 954-431-8100 to set up a free consultation.

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