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Federal Appellate Court Finds Insurance Company May Have Unreasonably Delayed Coverage, Exposing the Company to Additional Damages

Earlier this month, a federal appellate court issued a written opinion stemming from a car accident involving a drunk driver, his passenger, and the company that insured both of them. In the case, Peden v. State Farm, the court reversed a lower court’s ruling that had held State Farm did not unreasonably delay payment to Ms. Peden. As a result of the court’s decision, the case was remanded back to the trial court to proceed toward trial.

Parked VanThe Facts of the Case

Mr. Graf had just bought his fiancée a new van for her birthday. To celebrate the occasion, the couple gathered friends for a small party, where alcohol was served. The plaintiff, Peden, was one of the couple’s friends.

At some point during the evening, Peden and several others got into the van so that Mr. Graf could take a picture of the group in the new van. However, Mr. Graf then got into the driver’s seat and took the car on a joy ride. He crashed the van, seriously injuring Peden, who then filed a personal injury lawsuit against Graf.

State Farm carried an auto insurance policy for Graf and was therefore contractually obligated to indemnify Graf. Additionally, Peden had an auto insurance policy through State Farm that included an underinsured motorist provision. Peden sought damages from State Farm up to Graf’s policy limit, as well as additional damages under her own underinsured motorist policy provision.

State Farm paid Peden $210,000 under Graf’s policy but denied the claim under her own policy. State Farm claimed that Peden had assumed the risk of injury by getting into the vehicle with a driver she knew to be intoxicated. Peden filed a lawsuit to compel State Farm to pay, and during the pendency of that lawsuit, State Farm discovered additional information and paid Peden another $350,000. Once she received the total amount, Peden then filed a claim against State Farm, claiming the insurance company unreasonably delayed settling her claim.

The trial court initially dismissed Peden’s claim, and Peden appealed. On appeal, the court explained that State Farm had a duty to Peden to investigate her claim to determine whether it had merit. Since State Farm’s investigation was lacking, the court held, the company may have unreasonably delayed settling the claim. Thus, the lower court’s decision to dismiss Peden’s case was in error, and the decision was reversed. As a result, Peden will be able to pursue her claim against State Farm.

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