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cruise ship in port

In order for a court to properly hear a case, the court must have jurisdiction over the matter. Jurisdictional issues can include both subject matter jurisdiction (the court’s competence to hear a particular category of case) and personal jurisdiction (a court’s power over a particular person or business). If a court lacks jurisdiction, it must dismiss the case, and the aggrieved party must refile the suit in the proper court. Alternatively, the claimant may appeal the matter to a higher court for review.

In the recent case of Carmouche v. Tamborlee Management, Inc., the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit was asked to decide whether the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida had general personal jurisdiction over a Panama corporation that provided shore excursions for tourists in Belize.

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Fort Lauderdale Cruise Ship Accident Lawyer

While traveling in a car, be it as a passenger or driver, it is the most dangerous and hazardous mode of transportation. Car accidents rank among the top causes of death and injuries in the nation. Some other common types of vehicle accidents include truck accidents, bus and public transportation accidents, and even boating and cruise ship accidents. The last might come as a shock in most cases, but they can happen.

When you book a cruise, you are looking forward to an exciting vacation with a spouse, significant other, or even immediate or extended family. Whenever we plan or look forward to vacations, we never anticipate an accident or fatality. Particularly those accidents that happen on cruise ships.

Cruise Ship Injuries

For those who have been on a cruise before, when vacationing or traveling on a cruise ship, it is easy to feel like you are in a small city and forget you are on the water. As a result, it is incredibly easy for an individual to have an accident. The motion of a ship can cause issues with an individual’s balance and equilibrium and therefore contribute to an injury. For example, injuries on a cruise ship can include:

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Fort Lauderdale Boat Accident Attorneys

With Fort Lauderdale so close to the water, many residents regularly partake in boating and watercraft fun.  However, with water fun also comes the unfortunate reality of boating accidents.  Thousands of boating accidents and injuries are reported in the area each and every year. In the aftermath of an incident on the water, one of the most common questions is: Who is responsible for reporting it?


Unlike car accidents, which are often reported by law enforcement agents who arrive at the scene of the accident, the duty of reporting a boating accident falls on the shoulders of the individual who was operating the boat at the time that it was involved in the accident. In the event that the operator of the boat is incapable of completing or submitting the report, for example, due to injury, then the responsibility falls to the owner of the boat. There are specific guidelines on how the process should unfold.


What To Do and When: General Guidelines after a Florida Boat Accident


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